Florian Hauswirth


A recent interview with Ariana Pradal about the Industrial Craft Tableware Collection:

Florian Hauswirth (born in 1976) worked as a technical model maker and material researcher for Vitra, before studying Industrial Design at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) where he graduated in 2006. After working as an assistant at Barber Osgerby in London, he co-founded the design collective Postfossil in 2007. He works today as an independent designer in Biel (Switzerland) and teaches at different design universities. His work has been shown internationally and has received several awards. He runs a blog with two other members.


What is hand made and what is industrial produced in your project Industrial Craft?

The industrial production itself is more or less always a combination of hand made and machine production. It was important for me to give more visibility to the hand made part of this project. I wanted my work to help increase people’s awareness about materials and development process. Where are objects coming from? What is the work behind it? What is the cultural background? Craft is cultural knowledge. The perfect three examples are: Salt and Peppermill: Porcelain handmade; wood CNC, Glazed Ceramic Bowls: mixed production and Glass Carafe: mouth-blown with CNC engraving

Could you describe the two materials of the collection?

The “Deux-Pièces” salad servers were formed from a piece of wood cut extremely precisely using a saw. The two utensils form a pair and fit together perfectly. The contours on the glass jug and glasses are recreated from wood grain. They are like an imprint of the wood blown into the glass.

How this project came to live?

I was in New York with a scholarship of the “Berner Design Stiftung” and had a collection exhibited in a gallery. Marco Dionisio, a contact of Swiss retailer Manor came into the gallery and saw my work which he liked. He made the introduction to Manor. After three years of development and a lot of changes, I launched in spring the Tableware Collection with Manor. I won a sponsoring award of the “Berner Design Stiftung” that supported me to put the project on the market.

How do you see your role as a designer?

Designers should be consumption’s specialist. Making people aware about what they buy and what kind of objects
they live with. As we are more and more careful about what we eat (bio, local), we should ask the same questions when we buy products.

Do you always try to combine the two elements in your work?

As I’m both, a model maker and an industrial designer, the combination of those two processes are for me natural. It gets really interesting when those two elements come together.


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