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Alucolor collection


The family of coffee tables is called metable, made out of raw metal (oiled) and anodized aluminium. A flat sheet is bent into a triangular form, with the surface and its inflexions as the main design feature. Built from flat surface material, the result is a practical table that can be used in front of or beside the sofa. The collection consists of three different tables that can be mutually arranged with each other. They are available in different materials and colours. Turntable is a wall clock out of aluminium that has a deep-coloured tinge, giving the material a warm touch. To show the precise time, small detailed square-shaped cuttings are swivelled around 360 degrees. Even in a world where everyone carries a smart phone with a clock with them, a wall-mounted time pointer is a helpful object.

Collection for new Manumeta brand.

Anodized aluminium, black steel