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democratic chess


The scenario described by a traditional chess set consists of a monarchy with entourage, including a castle/city, soldiers/knights and pawns/people. It is a game of strategy, whereby planning by anticipating the next moves is essential. Chess – “the Royal Game” – has been played since time immemorial in the most varied cultures, from India to Persia, Russia, to the Vikings. Nowadays, computers increasingly playing alongside chess masters. Democratic Chess is a new interpretation of the traditional chess game. Not only the form but also the function of the figures has been re-articulated so that the flow and content of the game can change. Democratic Chess increases the unpredictability of the game, creating totally new and surprising situations.

New ways of playing are made possible by the shape of the figures. Pieces taken are not eliminated but stacked, thus shaping new figures with greater abilities. A knight, for example, or even a second queen can be made from several pawns, etc. Democratic Chess can be played in one of three ways: as normal chess (monarchy) following the traditional rules, as well as the new, democratic chess (with flexible values and play scenarios) or as a constructive game for children.

Postfossil Trattoria Utopia Collection.

Maple, smoked beech wood.